The most advanced radiant ceiling system on the market


Itula’s new water-circulating ItuString radiant ceiling system guarantees optimal indoor conditions and lower costs for halls of up to 30 metres in height. 

Energy savings of up to 40 per cent

ItuString radiant ceiling panel is suitable for all areas of 3–30 metres in height, such as factories, warehouses, shopping centres and sports halls. Ceiling panels are also ideally suited for use in wet rooms and for cooling. 

The ItuString radiant ceiling system is an economical option, in terms of both investment and operating costs. The systems uses the radiation method to heat the surrounding surfaces rather than heating the air. This enables a lower temperature without compromising on comfort. In large halls and industrial production facilities, the ItuString system can enable energy savings of up to 40 per cent in comparison with conventional systems.

Hygienic and maintenance-free

The ItuString radiant ceiling system meets strict hygiene requirements and saves on cleaning costs, as the system does not transport dust in the air, and the panel system has no surplus dust-collecting surfaces. The ItuString ceiling panel does not require any maintenance. The fully galvanised structure and factory-painted surface make the ceiling panel corrosion-resistant and very long lasting.

Hassle-free installations on all sites

The ItuString ceiling panels’s modular structure enables installations on all sites, and its light weight makes installation easy. One person can install the entire system unassisted. By connecting ceiling panels with crimp connections, it is possible to string together panels over distances of 50 metres or more.

The ItuString system can also be implemented energy-efficiently to heat a limited area without heating up the surrounding air. In open cold rooms or other areas where it would not be appropriate to heat the entire space, panels can be used to manage the temperature of the area effectively. The same principle can also be used to implement cooling.

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