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ItuGraf heating and cooling panels provide commercial and residential buildings with cooling included in the cost of heating 

ItuGraf is the most effective ceiling heating and cooling system on the market. ItuGraf heating system offers low costs, since it includes both heating and cooling in the same system. The buildings do not require separate radiators or apartment-specific outdoor units. It is an excellent temperature control solution both for residential and commercial buildings. Ceiling radiant panels create a pleasant temperature into the room without draft, dust or noise and they blend aesthetically with the false ceiling structure.

"We face tough competition which requires our products to be versatile. On many sites, ItuGraf has been the solution with the best price-quality ratio on the market. It has excellent integration capacity with many types of false ceiling structures and also for free installation, with appeal to architects too. - Tapani Nousiainen, HVAC manager, SRV

Offices and public premises

With the possibility for cooling, ItuGraf offers unique competitive advantages. In new constructions, cooling is a significant competitive advantage that affects purchase decisions. Ceiling heating is a very cost-efficient way for the construction company to implement both heating and cooling. Also there is no need for individual radiators or apartment-specific outdoor units.

In Europe, ItuGraf panels have a wide, well established customer base. The greatest advantages are cost-efficiency and energy efficiency. The panels are CE-approved, constructed of non-flammable and corrosion-free material and are suitable for use with all sources of energy.

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