ItuGraf ceiling heating is suitable for the efficient heating and cooling of rooms of all sizes

With the radiant panels of ItuGraf ceiling heating and cooling system the temperature of the rooms is regulated efficiently, without the need for separate radiators. ItuGraf heating system provides buildings with both heating and cooling in the same system. The radiant panels that integrate to false ceiling structures or are installed as island structures rapidly create an even temperature into the room. Radiant ceiling panels are versatile and suitable for the temperature regulation of both large spaces and smaller rooms.

Efficiency and ease of use

ItuGraf heating and cooling panel is the most efficient radiant ceiling panel on the market, and it provides benefits especially in energy and cost efficiency. The investment costs are low due to the heating and cooling of the building being achieved with one package solution without the need for radiators or outdoor units. The system is effortless and has no need for condensation water plumbing. Excellent living and working comfort with efficient temperature control and an even, pleasant temperature without draft, dust or noise.

"ItuGraf has great efficiency, since the ratio of power to surface area ratio is excellent. And ItuGraf is also made in Finland - which means reliable quality, short delivery times and deliveries that are handled as planned. - Timo Svahn, Lead Expert, Ramboll Oy

The CE-approved ItuGraf ceiling heating and cooling system can be effortlessly integrated with other parts of building services, and it is well suited for both new and renovation construction projects. ItuGraf is compatible for use with all energy sources. Ready-made panel models are available to be used in CAD software suites.


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