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ItuGraf is a carefree and cost-efficient ceiling heating system for all room sizes

ItuGraf is the most effective ceiling heating and cooling system on the market. Our carefree solution guarantees the heating and cooling of the building with radiant ceiling panels, without extra adjustment and maintenance. In Europe, many established customers are already using the system, and it is suitable for both large and small real estate projects. Ceiling heated rooms provide excellent conditions for living and working. The panels maintain a pleasant, steady temperature across the whole room without generating draft, dust or noise.

Cost savings and ease of use

ItuGraf ceiling heating and cooling creates cost savings in every stage of the project. The investment in to the system is economical, since it offers both a heating and a cooling solution for the premises. Radiant ceiling panels save energy when compared with other heating and cooling systems. Additionally, thanks to ItuGraf the costs for maintenance and cleansing are significantly lower. For the property owner, ItuGraf creates cost savings in the investment and installation stages, as well as energy and maintenance savings during the life cycle of the building.


"Itula has an excellent solution that saves energy and is maintenance-free. We use the same system for the heating and cooling of rooms, adjusting the ventilation temperature and cooling of the server room. In addition, energy extracted from geothermal heat can be recycled, since the water cooled in rooms is used in cooling of the server room and the accumulated useful heat can be recycled again." – Mikko Eloranta, Medikro Oy

The CE-approved radiant ceiling panels can be installed either integrated into the false ceiling or as island structures. The panel is suitable to use with all energy sources and it can be effortlessly integrated with the rest of the building services. ItuGraf does not require separate plumbing for condensation water.


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