Itugraf ceiling models

ItuGraf integrates with the Saint-Gobain Ecophon AND ROCKFON ceiling systems

Together with Saint-Gobain Rakennustuotteet Oy (Ecophon) and Rockfon, the provider of acoustic ceiling and wall systems, Itula has developed a range of ItuGraf panel models that perfectly match the Ecophon and Rockfon modular ceiling systems. 

The ItuGraf ceiling models are made to match the A, Dg, Ds, E and Lp edges in the Saint-Gobain Ecophon T24 Focus range and the A, Ds and E edges in the T24 Master range.

The ItuGraf ceiling models are made to match the A24, A15, E24, M, X and Z edges.



Finally the false roof structure can be designed on terms of architecture

Radiant ceiling panels form an aesthetically integrated whole with the rest of the false ceiling structure, since they can be produced in all of the RAL colors, with an even or perforated surface and according to the customer's measures. The panel solutions allows for a higher floor to ceiling height compared to an ordinary floor heating system. 

“Heating and cooling technology is at its best when it is invisible. ItuGraf blends in with the false ceiling so well that it is hard to tell that it is a heating and cooling system. The panels also guarantee a pleasant environment without draft or noise. Lights can be integrated as a part of the same structure, and there is no need for extra radiators. From an architectural point of view, ItuGraf is unrivalled as a system." – Pervin Imaditdin, Interior Designer, Arkval Arkkitehdit Oy


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